About our painting

Szer-elem Szőlőskert

Apart from Nature, it is Fine Arts and Painting that reach my depths. Although “I don’t speak this language” – I can’t draw anything decent –  at least I can connect with this form of self-expression, the visual world and I am able to sense and perceive the message conveyed.

This is especially true when the sender of the message, the painter is expressing the quality manifesting inside her in a way that it connects us to the universal whole.

We met Mariann through Gábor’s friends. Ever since we have been grateful for this connection, for her interest and understanding, for our envisioned symbols, for her friendship.

This painting is about us, we inspired it. It is about our commitment, about the space we dream of which manifests into reality.

She has agreed that we include her own thoughts about the painting:

It is impossible to paint a picture about the “Great Whole” as it cannot be moulded into a specific shape. While painting, I was striving to convey how the essence of the shapes coming into life in front of my eyes emerged from the “Great Whole”.

When the union of a Man and a Woman perfectly manifests, Completeness unfolds. Dear Kriszti and Gábor, this picture was inspired by your true connection.

Love is the power everything originates from and to which everything returns and it is what maintains the miracles that we can learn from day after day. It pervades everything and everyone.

The central female figure is the Goddess pregnant with Life who is keeping guard over our sacred Hungarian land; the land where YOU are creating an intimate and loving space, the land that you are farming and where your true selves shall manifest at the highest level possible.

The form of the mandorla, which the four other elements stem from, comes into existence at the intersection of two circles and appears at the fusion of the feminine and masculine principles. It is at the intersection of two people, where a third miracle may arise. The almond-shaped seed is the essential knowledge of our “Hungarianness”, the certainty inside us that Life is eternal and cannot be destroyed. It is this knowledge that grows its roots into the ground, it is what resurfaces, and it is what gives fruit thanks to the life-affirming power of water and fire.

In the middle, it is from the Goddess’ “tantien2” centre that the other ancient elements arise: the first two are Fire and Water. In order to avoid an explosion between them the third element, Air appears as an insulator which is capable of absorbing both energies and of keeping these two opposite powers in balance. And finally it is in the Earth element where all ideas can materialise and manifest for real.

Wood and Metal are also present in the centre of the seed and take the form of a “circle-divider”, or cross, the Wheel of the World. This form is one of the most ancient patterns that symbolises not only the perfect union of Man and Woman, but also the alliance between humans and the spiritual world.  It may also be observed in our most ancient archaeological findings, on our Sacred Crown when seen from above, in the layout of ancient cities or even in shepherd dances where the dancers place their sticks in the shape of a cross and dance around them whirling.

The amazing wildlife of Lake Balaton – catfish, pike, walleye, carp and chub- is represented in constant motion by the Water element. In the Fire element elementary forces, the so-called salamanders glare, and remind us that we have a choice: to embrace their invigorating warmth or to become a victim of their devastating, destructive power. The Tree of Life in the central seed is deeply rooted in the Earth element, and it is in the Air element where the Third may emerge nurtured by your Union.

You may also see the motif of a vine-leaf there through which you learn, enjoy and share Life with others. Let the miracle You are reach more and more people. Let it be.

2the secret energy centre just above the navel

Bálint Mariann