How did it all start?

There is no denying that I had always liked wine. At first, I only enjoyed the red ones, but later on – after having passed the basic and intermediate courses at WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) – the white ones and the rosés as well.

I witnessed how my dear young friends made their dream come true, building their own little winery, using all means available and energy to reach their goals. They have been making their own wines for ten years now. Their organic wines are among my favourites, they are the “Blue Mountain Winery” from Gyöngyöspata. They were the ones who gave me the encouraging nudge to do something similar… Thanks!

Also, as I got older I started to live by the famous quote: “Life is too short to drink bad wine!” It is not hard to find good quality wine; some say that it is simply a question of money. But is that really the case? Often wines are overrated and overpriced, it is all about the brand rather than the quality …So how could you compete, stand out and produce finer quality wine than others)?

In 2014, with no experience, no vineyard, no prospect of buying any land in the foreseeable future and despite the astonishment of many … I decided to go for it and called the Soós István Winemaking School with the intention to sign up.  I was informed that due to increased interest they had just decided to admit 45 applicants instead of the initial 30 they had planned and that they could put me down as number 13 on the waitlist! (By the way, 13 is my lucky number…) Around mid-September I got the news that everyone was accepted. For the first time in history there were 4 groups, about 60 people starting the course. The groups were organised in alphabetical order, and I became a member of group “D”: the best and happiest group of all, as far as I know. Krisztina was also in this group.

The course lasted from the end of September till the end of June. Until the end of April 2015, we hadn’t even noticed each other, or at least we had not talked much, but finally at a garden party there was a spark, which grew into something powerful by the 9th of May.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was a definite milestone which marked the beginning of a new life and new goals for me. At the end of September 2016, 3 days before our first harvest I proposed to Krisztina and we got married on the 9th of May 2017.

Our common plan is to build our own winery and to make the best possible wine from the vineyard which we cultivate ourselves. The name we would give our winery was clear to both of us: Szer-Elem Szőlőskert.1

Works on our new home at Ábrahámhegy will soon come to an end. We are planning to move there as the vines require full-time dedication….

P.s.: Words and writing are not really my cup of tea so from now on you will be hearing more on our progress from Krisztina…

1Szer-Elem Szőlőskert literally translates as “Love (=Szerelem) Grapesgarden” , which doesn’t seem to make much sense in English. For a more detailed explanation see About us / Szer-Elem Szőlőskert