….. once you have lived over half your life and you are around 50 but just about to start something new that must come true, something that you have always longed for… it is very hard to know what has led you here, which events belong to the story and which don’t. What were the decisions that made you walk this path and made you start a new chapter in your life?

I was born in Budapest, more precisely in Buda, daughter of an “inner-Buda” “noble family”. And that’s how I was brought up; but I never liked the city and from an early age my family were compelled to take me on walks away from the city. It wasn’t until later on – when I became interested in my family’s history –  that I found out where this endless love for the countryside and nature came from; this feeling of joy when I am in nature, in the woods, on a lake, at sea and in the mountains, even when I am on my own.
(note: black hole in time) 

When destiny brought me back to Budapest in 2008 I was sad and weeping. That’s when I decided that I would create and realise the estate I had always dreamt of.

In the whole of Hungary, I have always loved Lake Balaton the most. This region had always been close to my heart. Whenever I was there a warm and unexplainable feeling came over me, touching and comforting my soul even in the hardest times.

So when I discovered the land which was to become ours, I didn’t think twice. I bought it right away. At that time I was all alone and it didn’t even occur to me how I would manage to create “THE whole” on my own.

… on the other hand, the other thing I had never had the slightest doubt about and I had always known deep in my heart was that somewhere out there, there was a MAN who belonged to me and to whom I would eventually belong. I also knew that there would be a moment in space and time where we would arrive ready to meet and recognise one another.

At last my decisions led me to that moment in space and time where Gábor took my hand.

Both of us had already lived a great part of our lives. We had come from very different backgrounds, we had followed different paths and lived different stories… still, suddenly all the pieces fell into place and we started to build a life together. We committed to each other.