Szer-elem Szőlőskert

Szer-Elem Szőlőskert1

Szer is one of our most ancient Hungarian words meaning strength, reinforcement, fortification. (Elem means element.)

Szer-Elem (Love) is the existing fifth element, the „quintaessentia”, the quintessence of the actual world.

The way of ascension and connection with the Lord for us human beings.

…The way we see the World

Love is the all-pervasive and vitalising power: without love there is no life, no taste of grapes, no flavour of wine.
When I look at you with love I see the divine in you.
Everything we do becomes sacred, when pervaded with the fire of love.
Love moves the Sun and the Moon, the atomic and gigantic parts of the universe.Love conjures the world into unity, just like Man and Woman so that we can create new worlds from our mystic joy.

1 Szer-Elem Szőlőskert literally translates as “Love (=Szerelem) Grapesgarden”, which doesn’t seem to make much sense in English. According to a Hungarian contemporary writer, Péter Müller, Hungarian is the only language in the world that has two words for two different feelings: Szeretet and Szerelem. No other language makes a distinction between the love you feel for your loved ones – family and friends, or even animals – and the sensual, delirious excitement at the start of a new relationship and the deep love you have for your other half after spending a whole lifetime together.