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Our story with Felix and Rózi

Felix means: successful, happy, lucky

Last December -1,5 years after our little dog, Joe passed away- we decided we are ready to share our lives with dogs again.

We were only thinking of adopting ones form a shelter, that’s how Ildikó’s FB post found us about the 6 orphaned German shepperd puppies. Gábor immediately got committed to Taz’

meditative nice eyes while I was enchanted by Rózi’s conscious look at the world.



We moved them home on 28 Dec. 2020 and changed their names to Félix and Rózi/Rosie. 

Getting home in December

After finishing their vaccination protocol we started to go to school so that this spring -on starting our green work in our vineyards in Ábrahámhegy- they could safely accompany us. Organizing our life got a bit hectic with the two puppies, but we were nicely getting accustomed to one another and speaking of German shepherds they were quick and easy to learn anything.


The diagnosis

We only noticed at the end of April that Felix had great difficulties in standing up. He started to limp on his right back leg, he hardly put any weight on it. Taken to a vet immediately we were confronted with the sad fact that he has a serious hip malformation on both sides, dysplasia in other words.

We started the symptomatic treatment at once to decrease the pain and tried to find the possible treatments fast. Our main aim has been since the beginning not only to solely ease the symptoms, but -if there is a way- to find a long-term solution that will give him a full life without painkillers with us and his sister Rosie.

Félix after the X-rays

We were afraid of any types of operation. Beheading the thigh-bone is already too drastic by the name and when we got the essence of this operation after talking to several surgeons -despite having started all the necessary medical examinations for the surgery (ultrasound scan on heart, kidneys, belly, alimentary canal and a complete laboratory on blood) we kept on looking for alternatives as it was too hard to accept that the only cure for a 7-month-old puppy may be an irreversible amputation. 


Harmony of senses and feelings 

I have been going my way for many years now arm-in -arm with the rationality of mind from the left and feelings and intuitions from the right. I have spent many years with clearing the voice of my feelings from the distorting vibration of pain. I have reached a certain stage and of course, I see the further steps in front of me. I truly believe that to make the right decisions a harmony and an understanding between our senses and feelings is necessary. We must pay attention to the signs of both sides since they both serve us; they define the right direction together.

Nevertheless -in spite of having agreed on the date for the operation- I woke up several times during the night that with this solution we are taking Félix into something that may or may not work, but IS final and irrevocable. Not speaking of the pain coming with it and the 

difficulties of recovery and rehabilitation.

I found two treatments that -based on feedback from owners of dogs having been treated in this way- may successfully handle the problem of dysplasia although they do not form part of widely applied, mainstream medical solutions. We came to the conclusion that still before the operation we need to dig deeper so that we should not feel we haven’t tried everything our attention was aimed at by life, our thoughts and feelings.  


Gold balls – Eastern medicine and my own experience 

I do not wish to make this too long, still I believe it is important to share with you my own experience. I used to suffer from joint-mouse in my knee and a damaged rotator-gown in both shoulders owing to my extremely loose joints and the weak muscles not able to compensate for them. Despite recommendations from doctors and surgeons in none of the cases did I choose an operation. I felt that my body tried to communicate something in both cases and -no matter the pain- I have to bear it trying in the meantime to find gentle treatments and use them till I find the right answers and my organism will heal due to the 

combined effect of my understanding and the external help. In both cases I was able to cure myself with solutions I chose. With physiotherapy, shiatsu and my strong belief that I am on the right track.

To cut it really short, I went back to the doctor who treated dogs having joint problems with gold ball implants more than a 1000 times. This is a method of acupuncture with a continuous effect. He made the X-rays of Felix’s hips before. He consulted more than two hours with me touching all topics related to this and to Felix’s holistic recovery. 


…the way I formulate the mechanism of action

I may clearly state that for me it’s not a matter of faith but unquestionably evident that everything we experience on Earth is energy, beams of energy that we expel that have an effect on us that cross-stitch our life, our planet, the whole universe. I like to think of it as a kilim with a thousand colours, where we pull one thread and the whole pattern, the whole “material” moves.

Dysplasia -and all illnesses of course- are kind of energy blocks in the body that in this concrete case already appeared in the gene formula and caused an abnormal growth. Gold balls are implanted at those points where energy beams connected to the hip joint are active thus helping these energy channels become permeable and free for the normal energy flow and “maintenance” processes that are always present in the body.  Félix and Rosie are about 7 months old. They are growing up. They are as fit as a fiddle aside from Felix’s hips. We believe and trust that with the implant of golden balls, with the help of acupuncture certain blocks in the body may be dissolved at the body level of energy and during the still ongoing growth we could help the alteration of the hip-joint’s build-up to a healthier direction.

As regards the physical level you must give the right assistance to the processes of the body’s regeneration and healing processes, more precisely solely the help that is really needed but unconditionally. This could be reached by correct feeding -based on the knowledge acquired in this field- meaning raw meat régimen. Since we would like to treat a deformation on the physical level the body may need further support in the form of natural cartilage builders and antiphlogistics.

After the healing of the direct effects -expected within 7-10 days after gold-balls’-implant- we will start the gradual and aimed building of the muscle mass by known and self-experienced other alternative treatments like homeopathy, physiotherapy and swimming. We strongly believe these will support Felix’s complete and fast recovery.

The consultation over two hours with the doctor doing the implants filled us with trust, hope and new faith. It finally came to our mind how much you can start and reach in the favour of cure if you are PRESENT for the task, trying to understand the situation in its broadest possible correlations and moreover if you realize that all  of the animals in our surroundings are living in our energy field, i.e. the task appearing is surely meant for us …

Felix means successful, happy lucky. Let it be!


We count on your interest, your help

We are full with hope and trust about Felix’s recovery and in order to be able to make use of all potential help we would like to ask for the attention and interest of all those who would like to taste fine wines from Balaton Uplands.

And now what’s Felix’s holistic treatment has got to do with wines from the Badacsony wine region?

…well, Gábor and I are cultivating a vineyard of almost 1,5 ha-s in Ábrahámhegy having both still and sparkling wines of Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), Hárslevelű (“Linden Leaf”) and Rajnai Rizling (Rhine Riesling) since 2017. That’s where we would like to live with our dogs, but we need healthy joints for that, all four of us.

We haven’t yet moved to Ábrahámhegy, our house is being built slowly, as we manage. Both of us have a different money-making job right now, so we may only work in our vineyards in our spare time. Luckily enough we have a perfect and competent help, Olivér.

As you may have guessed, Felix’s treatment is not free of charge. Until now we have spent around HUF 80.000, – for medical examinations, consultations, medicines, natural antiphlogistics and cartilage builders. The gold ball implants for both hips will cost HUF 225.000, -. Then comes the muscle building, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. To raise the fund for all this does not go “right from the hip”.

We DO not want to accept any support for free -definitely not when -at least- we believe we have fine wines that we may wholeheartedly offer for any help and support.

We thought of setting up 3- and 6-bottle-packages for Felix’s recovery in our newly opened webshop where by ordering them you are helping finance Felix’s operation and rehabilitation and at the same time you may drink our fine wines to his health.


Chosen treatments

Gold ball implants will be made by dr. József Németh in Érd. We trust his professionality, his commitment and love to animals.

After the operation we will start physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and swimming as soon as it is possible. Rosie will be taken care and educated by a kind acquaintance, a trainer from the dog-school after the operation for 1-2 weeks to help Felix’s recovery. She lives close to our way between our home and workplace. The one of us who is not staying at home with Felix or not going on the physiotherapy sessions will visit Rosie for afternoon walks in Halásztelek or taking part in dog-training events for 1-1,5 hours on weekends.


Our energic Rosie

We will give a feedback on the operation and Felix’s recovery from time to time. For those who besides the interest would like to help in financing this whole recovery process we assembled a short description on our wine packages specially for this purpose that can be read by clicking on the name of the packages below where the packages may also be ordered.

Wine packages for Felix’s health recovery

For a painless movement
For strong thigh muscles
For a joyful, playful, free life